New app helps improve care for the elderly

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has just announced that it is launching a new digital app that will help improve care for older people. 

Care app gives universal guidance and advice

The app, known as the WHO ICOPE Handbook App, is the result of two years worth of extensive research and development from the world’s leading care experts and stakeholders. It is part of their wider package of tools designed to give practical guidance and advice to carers for a range of conditions that particularly affect the elderly, including limited mobility, malnutrition, reduced eyesight and hearing, cognitive decline and depression. 

The World Health Organisation developed their ICOPE (Integrated Care for Older People) package after finding existing health care services can be ‘fragmented and lack coordination’. The new tools are designed to help care givers who don’t already implement tailored support to develop a person-centred model of care from understanding their exact needs and personal wishes. 

Providing person-centric care

The director of WHO’s department of maternal, new-born, child and adolescent health & ageing, Dr Anshu Banerjee, says that good quality services for those in older age need to be included in universal health care packages. He goes on to say that cooperation between health and social services is essential to providing good quality care and he believes that the new app will be able to help achieve this unified approach as it will ‘support[s] healthy ageing with a person-centred and coordinated model of care.’ 

Dr Islene Araujo de Carvalho, leader of ageing and integrated care at WHO, explains how the new technology will help older people; ‘such innovation will enable older people to continue doing the things they value and prevent them from social isolation and care dependency.’ 

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